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    It’s Easy to Try New Companies

    The GroupTalent platform is custom-made for developers and designers.

    • Dive In

      Find out what it’s really like inside a company by jumping into the flow.

    • Get Paid Handsomely

      On average, companies pay between $3k and $7k a week.

    • Get Pitched

      If it goes well, they may pitch you on joining their company full-time.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Don’t be afraid to ask more!

    1. Would I really be making between $3k and $7k a week?
      If you work 40 hours with the company, and charge between $80 and $180 an hour, absolutely! It’s up to you.
    2. Will my current employer see me using this?
      Not at all! By telling us who your current employer is, we can make sure they don’t see your profile.
    3. Where would I find 5 days of time if I am employed?
      Some people take vacation, others do a few weekdays, and work on the weekend. Others just do a couple days a week.
    4. Is this just for developers and designers?
      Right now, it is.
    5. What’s with the monster?
      Oh, that’s just Filter. He does some cool stuff for your recruiting spam, if you want.