Work at GroupTalent

GroupTalent is hiring amazing people to help change the way companies find and engage technical talent. Join our close-knit team and help win the war for talent.

GroupTalent was founded in late 2011 and participated in the TechStars Seattle program. You can read about us in TechCrunch, Mashable, and many more. Currently, our engineering team is operating out of Seattle and our sales and marketing teams are in San Francisco. Read about our open positions below.

Full-Stack Engineer

Join as our first engineering hire and work directly with our two technical co-founders. We will start you off with a short-term paid project (done inside our system), and take things from there.

The technologies you will primarily be working with are Rails (as an API layer) and Ember.js. You will be a good fit if:

  1. You like cutting edge front-end technologies like Ember.js and Ember Data.
  2. You aren't necessarily a designer, but appreciate pixels and have an eye for good design and UX.
  3. Clean code isn't just a goal, its an obsession.
  4. You like open source and know what bundle open does.
  5. You don't mind owing a beer if you commit code that breaks our tests (or receiving a beer if someone else does).

To apply, send a link to your GroupTalent profile to